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As the world came to a standstill in March 2020, our deserted streets were filled with birdsong.  In a series of poems, Lisa Simpson explores the effect of our enforced isolation through themes of nature, parenting and mental health.  In doing so, she draws on experiences shared by many as we stayed at home and witnessed normal life disappear in the face of a global pandemic.

Our anthology of competition entries chosen from the longlists of our Trees, Seas & No Platitudes or Cliches just attitude! competitions

We loved reading these poems so much we wanted to bring them together in one collection for others to enjoy too!

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Barry Hollow's debut collection Viaducts and Riverviews explores the relationship with home and belonging, the nostalgia that comes from leaving home and the feeling of discovering a new one. Viaducts and River Views builds between its pages a sense of journey through an exploration of place, nature, self and the lyrical nature of language.

"This collection of poetry has intricate language that tumbles. Word paintings of spectacular landscapes, film noir scenes and characters captured in sharp slanted eulogy and mood. Start with one poem and you emerge with an altered, fuller take on the world. This collection journeys the reader."

Helen Sheppard, author of Fontanelle


A Bin Night in November is an imagistic and lyrical collection of 28 nature poems by 9 poets.  It is named after the title of one of the poems in the collection that describes how we can steal moments in nature even when taking out the bins! The moon on a clear crisp evening invites you to take that pause and admire all that is around you. 


As Vincent van Gogh put so well:


"…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?"

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